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Crypto exchange Nominex - farming, staking, bonuses, tournaments, referral system, commissions.

Nominex - cryptocurrency exchange with commission-free trading and the possibility of passive earnings on staking. This exchange is equally well suited for both a beginner and a professional trader. You can also trade on the exchange without KYC.

Passive staking income

The exchange has its own token - NMX, with which you can build passive earnings. You just need to buy tokens, put them in staking and you will have your own passive income! You can withdraw money from staking at any time.
Staking profitability:
- 1,66% in Week.
- 7,31% per month.
- 85% in year.
If this percentage of profitability is not big for you, then you can stake on Nomiswap. There, the percentage of profitability is about 200% per year.

Now is the time to start staking, because the longer you stake, the more interest you will receive. Within a week, your income will increase by 20%. How to stake - link.
Staking also offers a discount on commissions. You can trade on the exchange with no commissions at all if you stake the NMX token. Since the start of trading, the exchange's token has grown in price by more than 5000%, and now it is already $. You can start steak with absolutely any amount.

Nominex - Binance Partner

Nominex is a member of the Binance brokerage program. As a result, Nominex has all the trading pairs and liquidity of Binance. Together with a 100% discount on trading fees, this is a great place for a trader of any level!

Referral system

On Nominex 5 types of affiliate system bonuses! You get up to 40% of the income of your referrals from staking and farming!
Also, when you register by link of a strong referrer, then his referrals after registration will also be your referrals and you will also be able to fully earn income from them: As a result, the referrer does half the work for you! Isn't it wonderful? In order to get referrals to your team for free and start earning from them, just go to the site using the link at the end of this page.

Demo tournaments with real prizes

Newcomers to the crypto world often do not have the start-up capital to start making a profit somehow. On Nominex there are demo tournaments in which anyone can take part without the risk of losing money, there is no need for investments. 10,000 USDT is credited to your demo account. The winners are the participants with the highest daily profit. As a prize, you will receive real USDT in trust for 7 days. Everything that you gain from them is completely yours and you can withdraw it at any time.

Real tournaments

You can also take part in Real Tournaments, where you will already risk your money, but the prizes will also be credited to your main wallet. This means that you can withdraw them at any time.

50 USDT bonus on deposit

When you deposit 100+ USDT, you will receive 50 USDT as a gift in trust for 30 days. As a result, we no longer trade with 100 USDT, but with 150 USDT.

We draw a conclusion

Nominex is an excellent place for both beginners to start due to the abundance of bonuses, and for professional traders and referrals due to a 100% discount on trading commissions and a unique affiliate system. Follow the link below and start earning today!