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Real tournaments

You can also take part in Real Tournaments, where you will already risk your money, but the prizes will also be credited to your main wallet. This means that you can withdraw them at any time.

Anyone can take part in them. To take part you need to go to the current tournament: After that, on the right you will see the button "Join the tournament": After joining you will have "Unqualified" status. This means that the minimum daily trading volume to qualify for a tournament must be at least 500 USDT. We just trade, we go into a plus, your trading volume will grow. The profit is taken into account from the start of participation. The rules are the same as in demo tournaments: the winners are the participants with the highest ROI.

Real tournament rewards

In total, there are 30 prizes in real tournaments. The prizes are below. These rewards are credited to your main balance, which means that you can withdraw them at any time or continue trading on them.