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Decentralized crypto exchange Nomiswap - farming, referral system, fees

Nomiswap - decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with exchanges without commissions and the possibility of passive income on farming. This exchange is part of the unique Nominex ecosystem.

Passive income from farming

On Nomiswap you can build passive income. Right now, up to 200% per year is available for early adopters. On Nomiswap you can build passive income. You just need to buy tokens, put them in farming and you will have your own passive income! You can withdraw money from farming at any time.
The profitability of farming in the pools is different. Go to any one you like and start building your passive income.

The longer you farm, the more you earn from the holder bonus. How to start farming - link.
Farming also gives a discount on commissions. You can trade on the exchange without commissions at all if you farm. You can start farming with absolutely any amount. It is up to you to decide whether to reinvest or take income.

Exchanges without commissions

If you farm on Nomiswap, you can trade commission-free on both Nomiswap and Nominex ! Depending on the amount you put into the liquidity pool, you will have a certain discount on trading fees, up to and including none.

Referral system

Nominex and Nomiswap have one referral system. For this reason, if your referral from Nomiswap registers on Nominex and farms or trades there, then you will also receive income from this!
You also get up to 40% of your referrals' income from farming.

Also, when you register using link of a strong referrer, then his referrals after registration will come to you and You will also be able to fully earn income from them: As a result, the referrer does half the work for you! Well, isn't it wonderful? In order to get referrals to your team for free and start earning from them, just go to the site using the link at the end of this page.


Nomiswap is an excellent decentralized crypto exchange due to its unique ref. system, and due to a 100% discount on trading commissions. Follow the link below and start earning today!